Weekly Catch Up: Trip's to Ikea + Nipple Shields + My Newest Kitchen Gadget

Girl wearing Wild Fable Shirtdress with Toddler daughter in the backyard

She's Back!

My sincerest apologies for being so absent on both here, and Instagram these past few weeks. My plate was totally full - and the spare moment's I had, were used to simply keep my sanity in tact (read: sleep, and someBravo guilt pleasure's thrown in the mix) . . If you haven't been keeping up, we recently moved (as in two-ish weeks ago, recent) . I've moved an abnormal amount of time's in my life - so consider myself a pro, yet nothing could have prepared me for moving with both a toddler and a baby. . .  It's like, being a stay at home Mom and doing all of the usual stuff all the while trying to pack all of your life's belonging's into little boxes. I don't recommend it! 

Anyway's if that wasn't enough - my darling Husband's brewery's grand opening coincided just a week after we moved. . ! I don't remember a time where I saw him less than last week. . He was gone from sunrise, to sunrise. It was a lot! 

Baby Lola Ivy Smiling with her new two bottom teeth

New Teeth, Who Dis?

Also in the mix - Lola teething hard, to the point where I couldn't put her down, like - at all. She has two adorable itty bitty bottom teeth currently, but boy did those cuties cost me a good ounce of sanity. . and some flesh. Yep, my poor nipples! Nursing is very painful on one side because I legit have teething wounds - It's to the point where I had to ask my Mother in Law to run to target to buy me nipple sheilds (btw, do you know how big your nipples are? Apparently mine are a size 1 FYI. . lol)  Spoiler alert, Lola think's the nipple shield is whack and will not nurse on it . . So basically, I have to muscle through the excoriating pain until it heals . . . *Que the world's smallest violin * 

In other breaking news - Stella totally potty trained herself a few weeks shy of three! She was adamant that she would let us know when she was ready, and kept referring to "the new house" , and "Wednesday " (super random, no idea!) . . So when we were at our new house, and it fell on a Wedsnday - I casually asked her if she wanted to go potty, and to my shock - she said YES!!!! We have been diaper free, and without accidents since! Also - this has created lot's of impromptu nakedness lately. . See photo above. I was legit trying to take a "blogger" self timer photo when she so graciously photo bombed me ! Too cute not too post, and too hot for clothes. Stella's always living her best life!

Egg salad on gluten free bread with carrots and grapes, cooked with an instant pot

I Joined the Instant Pot Cult

The OTHER Target purchase this week, was the much talked about Instant Pot. I kept putting this purchase off, and decided that I would FINALLY give in - and become one of the millions that use and hopefully love this thing. . So far, I've steamed a shit load of broccoli in it - pressured cooked two huge sweet potatoes in the 1/4 of the time it would have taken in the oven, and made a dozen hard boiled eggs. . I feel like I still have a lot to learn (anyone else refuse to read instruction books? Lol) - but this thing is pretty cool, and I can see myself using it a lot. 

Stella & Lola Adorable Toddler & Baby Sister In Bed

New Nest for my little ducklings

The hardest part about moving - has been trying to mute the annoying voice in my head that want's everything done immediately! I am totally the type of person who lives by the motto "everything has a place" - and can been seen following behind my toddler all day picking up after her never ending messes! So, when I realized it would be a while until my husband would have time to drill and install shelves and stuff - I took matter's into my own hands (sorta), and hired a handyman! Seriously, best money EVER spent. I just pointed as he happily installed ALL THE THINGS!!! 

So now that the house is somewhat in order (see a sneak peak of our new master here), I am obsessing over our dining area - and made the entire family trek to Ikea yesterday in 100F heat to pick up our new table! They'll thank me one day, right?

Anyways' that is what we have been up to this week! Hope you all are still enjoying your summer, and hopefully you are all peacefully situated in your homes, and don't plan on moving anytime soon! Lol