Our First Family of Four Trip: Camping & Closing Escrow on Valentine's Day

Toddler Baby Girl Smiling in Vintage Trailer at the Holidays San Clemente

We have been itching to take a family trip since before Lola arrived - yet decided to wait, because well - there's not much a large pregnant lady can do. .

At first, I loved the idea of heading to the mountains and playing in the snow . . but than Christmas past, and so did my affinity for all things cold! Thus, it was between a seaside adventure - or a Palm Springs retreat. . And the seaside adventure seemed the right fit - as it was both relaxing, and less of a drive. This trip would not only be our first as a family of four, but it fell right while Jame's was closing escrow on the Brewery.

Flash back two years ago - when Stella turned one, and I so badly wanted to rent a vintage trailer for her party . . In my obsessive googling search , I came across The Holiday's Campground - to which a fleet of Shasta Airflyte's in various colors grace the campgrounds at San Clemente beach. It was so instagrammy, and just the right amount of "roughen it" - that I immediately had to put it on my bucket list.

So, this Valentine's when I was thinking of a way to celebrate that was both local and low key - The Holiday's fit the bill perfectly!

My hopes was for us to have a relaxing getaway before things truly got crazy with the opening of the Brewery, but having two little ones - and an impending Escrow with documents needing to be faxed/ signed (as we were literally hitting the road), caused for a late check in . . Yet Andy, the owner - was both super understanding and accommodating to us - and made sure we had everything we needed to make our short stay a success.

2015 Shasta Airflyte Interior - The Holidays Campground SanClemente State Beach.jpg

Our Cozy Sleeping Quater's

We chose the "Drifter" to rent - which included a full bed,  and two twin beds. We invited Daddy to sleep with us, but he claims we are all bed hogs - so off to his twin bed he went! Note; My husband is always cold! It is winter here in Southern California, and although that doesn't mean snow - it does get very chilly at night & early morning (especially by the sea) . I was worried he would freeze his butt off, but these spiffy little trailer's came with all the modern amenities - including heat, which we took full advantage of at night!

Sisters Camping In Shasta Airflyte at the Holiday's Camground in San Clemente State Beach

The full size bed was more than enough for the three of us, we were warm and cozy snuggling together while we heard the wind whistle through the trees outside. 

Sisters Camping In Shasta Airflyte at the Holiday's Camground in San Clemente State Beach
Interior of 2015 Shasta Airflyte at the Holiday's Camground in San Clemente State Beach
Mom Nursing Baby In 2015 Shasta Airflyte at the Holiday's Camground in San Clemente State Beach

Lola spent the majority of her time attached to me, nursing - of course. So the bed (that was originally a dinette) stayed permanently configured as a bed while we were there . . it made for the perfect hang out nook for her, while we watched Stella play in the dirt with her toys right outside the trailer . . 

Toddler Girl Camping In Shasta Airflyte at the Holiday's Camground in San Clemente State Beach

Stella the Rebel

Stella was enamored at the fact that the great outdoors were just a step outside "her house" and was constantly trying to escape. She's such an adventurous little thing! All she wanted to do was dance to Beatle's songs, and "talk" to the birdies. . Oh to be two again!

Newborn Camping In Shasta Airflyte at the Holiday's Camground in San Clemente State Beach

Lola, The milk monster

Lola could have cared less where we were, as long as the boob followed . . Can you tell by those chubby cheeks that she's well fed? Lol!

Family Walking at Dusk at San Clemente State Beach California

Close,  but no cigar

I probably shouldn't admit this, but even though our trailer was on a bluff right next to the beach - this is as close as we got! Since we arrived so late the first night, we really only had one full day - which we spent puttering around San Clemente. By the time we got back it was late & chilly, so we went for a sunset stroll down the path. 

Family at Sunset at SanClemente Sate Beach California

The walk was absolutely beautiful! It is such a unique park being elevated on the bluff, offering such a breathtaking view of the ocean. . Also, the vegetation surrounding the path - as well as the rock formations at the bottom of the cliffs were just begging to be pictured! 

Young Family Standing on Clff at Sunset at San Clemente State Beach California

Since we had such a short stay, I am already thinking of an excuse to go back. . ! This time, I would make sure we could get there early - and stay at least 3 days to fully soak in the vast park. . Also, there are so many paved trails/pathways to bike on! I will definitely be bringing Stella's scooter and a wagon next time we come!

Ps - let's talk camping fashion . . is that a thing? I basically just packed my comfiest (but still cute) clothes. I love this yellow cardigan I scored on sale from Old Navy, I wore it the entire time! My trick for making department store duds look a little more fashion forward: size up ! My cardigan is an XL, and I totally would have bought an XXL (if it were in stock) to achieve that oversized free people look. . Shop my outfit below1

Cliffs and Railroad Tracks at San Clemente State Beach
Cliffs and Train Tracks at San Clemente State Beach at Dusk
Dad and Daughter in Cliff at San Clemente State Beach at Dusk
Mom and Babies Standing on Cliff at San Clemente State Beach at Dusk
Newborn at San Clemente State Beach at Dusk

Watch Our Trip In Motion

We had the pleasure of having Jose, from Praise Media come and film us - and we will totally treasure this little keepsake he made for us. Take a look and give him a shout if you want something similar of you and your tribe. . Ps, try not to cry - because I totally did!