Pregnancy, the Second Time Around . . .

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So diffrent, yet so familiar

Currently, at 32 weeks pregnant - I'm getting little reminder's here and there, that my body will soon go on strike, and I will be forced to sit on the picket line . . This is no easy task for someone who loves never ending to-do list's , and lives solely as her 2 years old's personal assistant.

On one hand - pregnancy the second time around, has FLOWN by! Which is amazing, as I'm the type of person who sneakily unwrapped their gifts under the tree as a child - because I just COULD NOT wait!

Cooking a child for 9 months, is the ultimate waiting game. . What color eyes will they have? What type of personality will they have? Who will they look like? When I was pregnant with Stella I would torture myself with these questions. Studying her sonogram pictures - googling dominant genetic patterns, trying to piece together a visual of this stranger I would soon meet. . This time around, I really haven't given it too much thought until recently. . Perhaps it's because Stella came out looking like a wrinkly little carbon copy of her Dad - and I figure Lola will be the same? Or, maybe from experience - I realize there are far more important details to mull over , aside from appearance. .

You know - like , the whole laboring a baby thing?

Mother & Daughter .jpg
Mother And Daughter.jpg

Labor Expectations

I had a natural, un-medicated - hospital birth with Stella. I had no expectations, as clearly - I'd never push a human out of me prior to her. . This time, I have expectations - and they are : 'It Will Be Easier' ! As somewhere down the line, someone let out the "second labor" is easier myth - and it just won't leave my subconscious. . As, although I had a relatively drama free birth with Stella, it was longgg! (Note to self, write Stella's birth story - would you? You've only had 2+ years to do so . . .  )

I will link her story here , in the meantime - the super condensed version, is that I arrived at the hospital after contracting for 48 hours 6cm dilated at around 11:30am Sunday morning. . I didn't progress to a 9 untill 11pm that night. After being checked nearly 7 hours into hard, active labor, I was told I only progressed to a  7 . . Devastating news! I almost gave up! I was about to throw in the towel, and tell them to give me that epidural - because, holy shit - when was this going to end!?

My doula talked me through it, told me to take it an hour at a time - and two hours later Stella was born. I pushed for just under an hour, and had some minor tearing. . All in all - a drama free labor. Yet, this whole idea that the second baby will just "slide out" has kinda stuck since the moment the stick showed a plus sign. 

I guess we will soon find out, and speculating just takes my very limited brain power away from the many, many things still needed to be crossed off my to-do list! 

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Third Trimester "To Do's"

Here are some of the important to-do's on my list (the Brazilian is non negotioable!) . .  I'm sure I am missing something . . and it feels crucial! Hopefully It will come to me!

-Pack Hospital Bag
-Print Out Birth Plan
-Schedule a Brazilian
-Pre Register at Hospital
-Buy cozy newborn clothes
-Place Order for Placenta Encapsulation

Father & Daughter Family Shoot.jpg

AS you can see, the one thing I already got to check off of my list was family maternity photos! It took some convincing to get Mr.Banuelos on board, but I think he secretly loves getting his photos taken !

I'm so happy with how they turned out, and even happier to have met the talented photographer Mattie! Make sure you check out her work, and if you are looking for a family / lifestyle photographer in San Diego - she's your girl!

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How did you feel your second pregnancy, or subsequent pregnancies ? Was there less fear? Less anxiety? Or just a peacfulness knowing, you really have no control - and it's all up to fate?

Comment your experience below, I'd love to hear!