Mom Style : Oversized Sweaters + My favorite 'Keep it all In" Jeans

Girl in Oversized HM Sweater and Brixton Field Worker Hat

Can I nurse In this?

Getting dressed these day's isn't as fun as it once was - say, 30 pounds ago . . 
Once upon a time, I'd be faced with the burden of endless options when walking into a clothing store - nowadays, every potential garment must make it through a vigorous line of questioning;

"Can I nurse in this"
"Is this fabric breathable"
"Will this print conceal leaked milk?" "
Will this hide my postpartum pooch?"
"Will this be soft against Lola while she's in the carrier"
. . Blah, blah, blah

Than, once I find pieces that pass the line of questioning above - putting them together in an outfit, is like solving a nearly impossible mathematical equation . . Some things have to lift, other's hide - and the final few - highlight. . This is why most day's I can be found in my Dwell and Slumber dresses, because they swath me in an oversized bellowing jersey fabric .  .just how I like it!

Girl in Oversized HM Sweater and Brixton Field Worker Hat in Front of Fireplace Urban Outfitters

I Can't Eat Like a Teenaged Boy Anymore (duh!)

In all seriousness, I know a Mom complaining about her postpartum bod isn't something any of us haven't heard of before - it happens! I just recently came to the realization, that I need to do less complaining about it - and more DOING (something) about it . .

I know, I know - Lola's barley even two months , but I'm talking baby steps here . . You know, like changing my diet from a hormone driven pregnant lady's (aka, Teenaged boy diet - basically everything sweet & salty) - to that of a grown women's diet. .

Oversized Knit H&M Sweater & Old Navy Straight Fit Jeans and Brixton Women's Hat Draped Against Vintage Ladder
Girl in Oversized HM Sweater and Brixton Field Worker Hat in Front of Fireplace Urban Outfitters

Intermittent Fasting: The Effortless Way to Lose Weight (. . apparently!) 

Step One in my, "Get My Bod Back" plan is actually the easiest - with huge fat burning potential, meet: intermittent fasting! Basically, you stop eating for periods of time to allow your digestive system to stop digesting, and start cleaning things up. . Yet not only does this help your body rid toxin's, but actually reset's your body's metabolism to burn fat for fuel. 

I'm choosing not to eat from 8pm-8am , which is a total of 12 hours - but basically I'd be asleep for most of it, and only missing out on a late night snack (which is kinda the point). Most recommend 12-18 hours of fasting periods, but since I'm breastfeeding - I want to stay on the novice end of the spectrum.

Aside from weightloss, there are claims of many other health benefits such as;
-improved cardiovascular health
-reduced cancer risk
-repaired genes
-increased longevity

Obviously, nothing replaces eating healthy & exercise - which I am also incorporating into my plan , but I'm sure we're all very familiar with those ol' methods!

To read more about Intermittent Fasting visit Dr.Mercola's site - he's how I first discovered this method - and he's kinda my heath guru!

Girl in Oversized HM Sweater and Brixton Field Worker Hat in Front of Fireplace Urban Outfitters

Fake It Till You Make It

In the meantime, I will be living in clothes that are both comfortable - and functional, while also camouflaging my problem areas . .  because - I just had a baby people! 

Que this outfit; Super comfortable oversized sweater in a beautiful pink nude + these amazing Old Navy jeans that I think would flatter anyBODY. They are straight and relaxed in the legs, and have a mid rise fit - concealing both hippy hips, and poochy tummies. Plus they are a super soft denim, that feel like you've had them forever. . Just how I like my denim!

Shop the look below, and let me know your secrets to hiding the postpartum pooch - or even better, how you lost yours!