Home Decor: Using Ikea to DIY a Boho Perfect Tassel Mobile

newborn on changing mat beneath a DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery

Boho Perfection

When designing Lola's nursery, my goal was to keep it light & bright. I wanted it to be minimalist - yet warm, and welcoming. I achieved this by keeping a very neutral color palette, and added natural elements and textures. It seriously is one of my favorite spaces in our home, as it's so sweet & peaceful. 

When Stella was an infant, I remember her always staring up at a toy on the shelf above her changing pad. It served as the perfect distraction, and allowed me to keep meltdown's at bay - while cleaning her up.

This time around, I knew I wanted a mobile to serve this purpose, and found plenty I loved on Etsy. Yet I was feeling crafty - and knew I had everything I needed on hand to create the most perfect addition for her nursery.

embroidery hoop, thick wool yarn, gold scissors, macrame cord, and a wood all use to make a diy tassel mobile for a boho nursery

Tools Needed

I'm a bit of a DIYer, so I just happened to have everything I needed on hand. The inspiration came from the super versatile Ekby Valter bracket's I had laying around. Last time I was at Ikea  - I intentionally grabbed extra's, because I had seen some cool ways to hack them. I actually used two Valter Bracket's to DIY faux walls scone's in our master (will post soon!), so I was familiar with them already.

As for the yarn, I really liked the look of thick natural wool. If you want to create the same look as I, you must not go thinner. It saves you from having to wrap the yarn a gazillion time's (you'll see what I'm talking about below) - and it has much more of an organic aesthetic than acrylic. 

As for the macrame, you can use something you have on hand. I wanted to closely match the color and texture of the yarn I was using - while maintaining durability, and this macrame cording I ordered from Amazon from a project I never did - was perfect. 

Here is a full list of supplies you will need, with links to purchase (Click the number, it will bring you to Amazon!)
2.Glue Gun
3.Thick Wool Yarn
4.Macrame Cording
5.Eckby Valter Wall Bracket
6.Large Embroidery Hoop (you'll only be using the inner hoop)

Ikea Valter Bracket, embroidery hoop, and macrame rope - used to make a diy tassel mobile for a boho nursery

Step 1- Measure Out the Length

Depending on where you want the mobile, you will have to decide how long you want it to a) hang from the bracket, b) how long you want the tassels to hang from the embroidery hoop, and c) how long you want the actual tassels to be. . Lay out your pieces to gage this. Keep in mind, you will be able to adjust the cording if too long or short - so exact measurements aren't necessary. 

DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery
embroidery hoop used to make a DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery

Step 2(a) - Creating the Hanging apparatus

This is how the embroidery hoop will attach to the wall bracket, and become a mobile. Simply tie your macrame cording , creating an X on your hoop (pictured above)
- knotting at each end.

Step 2 (b) - Securing the Raw Edges with Hot Glue

This isn't 100% needed if you happen to not own a glue gun (but seriously you need one!) - but it makes the finished look, more tidy - and gives peace of mind knowing the knots are extra secured by the glue. . Simply trim the excess cording, and hot glue the remaining bits to the knot.

wool yarn tassels for a DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery

Step 3 (a) - Creating the Tassels

Making tassels is so much fun, and once you know how easy it is - you'll want to make a million DIYs utilizing your new skill! You simply wrap the wool yarn around something hard & thin. I use a 8x12 woad board I found at Michaels. . Simply wind the yarn as shown below, I like to do big batches - so I'll wind the yarn for the entire width of my hard surface (you can control how thick or thin your tassels are after the next step).

Making tassels for a DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery
making tassels for a DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery

Step 3 (b) - Cutting Across Your Wrapped Yarn

Now your yarn should be covering your hard surface (I would have normally kept going, but left the board showing above for instructional purposes). All you do now, is cut the yarn straight across the centre of the board (see placement of scissors above). Cut from one side - to the other, and pull the yarn off the board.

Step 3 (c) - Assembling Your Tassels

Now that you have your yarn cut and grouped together, you can determine how thick you'd like your tassel's to be. My board is about 8" across - I had about 6" of thick yarn, and divided that section into two (see above photo on far left). . If I had went all the way across the board, I would have probably had two more yarn groupings. 

Okay, now the fun part. Grab a long piece of macrame cording (this will be what attaches the tassel to the embroidery hoop, so make it longer than you think - just in case) . Now you will take the end of the cording, and knot it around the centre of your yarn grouping (see middle photo above). 

Ta-da! Look you have made a beautiful tassel! Trim any excess cording as close to the knot as possible (see example of it before being trimmed above).

Attaching tassels to a DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery

Step 4(a) - Attaching Tassels to Embroidery Hoop

Now that you've made your tassels (I didn't have a set number, I just kept going until it looked like I had enough volume (about 10 thick tassels) - you will be attaching them to your embroidery hoop by knotting the macrame cording attached to your tassel. See detailed steps below.

Step 4 (B) - Knotting the Macrame Cording

Step One. Using the cord attached to your tassel - create a loop, and place it on top of your embroidery hoop (see first photo).
Step Two. Now pull the loop under your embroidery hoop (photo two). 
Step Three. Pull your tassel through the loop you just created (photo three) - until a knot is created (photo four)

Now that you know how to knot the tassels onto the embroidery hoop, you can see how easily you will be able to adjust and play with placement of everything. Once you find your desired length - you simply knot, and trim (you'll see below).

Keep following the steps until all of your tassels are attached, around the entire circumference of the hoop (don't worry you can adjust this all in Step 8)

Ekby Valter used for a DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery

Step 5 - Securing Ekby Valter Bracket to the Wall

Install the bracket where you please, I did mine above her dresser where I change her.

Step 7 - Attaching Embroidery Hoop to Wall Bracket

Now that your tassels are attached to the embroidery hoop, and your bracket is mounted onto the wall - it's time to put this mobile together!  Simply double knot a piece of the same macrame cording to the centre of the X you created in Step 2(B). Again, use a longer piece so you can adjust length accordingly. 

You will now pull the end of the rope, through the predrilled hole of the Ekby bracket (see middle photo above). Triple Knot on the other side of the hole (last picture above).

finishing touches to a DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery

Step 8 - Adjusting Placement of Tassels

Your mobile is up! Now time to adjust everything!
You can adjust the length as you please, simply by loosening the knotted tassels - and sliding the rope. You can move the tassels around the circumference of the hoop by sliding them. 

Once you are pleased with everything, finish off each tassel with a knot - and cut the access rope off as close to the knot as possible.

DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery

Step 9 - Trim Tassels

Look! You made a mobile! You domestic goddess YOU!
Now simply clean up those straggly ends by giving them a nice clean trim, and you are complete!

DIY boho tassel mobile for gender neutral minimalist nursery

Voila, revel at Your DIY masterpiece !

I'm seriously so happy with how this project came out. It is truly a focal point of the room, and Lola loves it when I spin it above her head while she's on her changing mat. 

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and hope you go ahead and make one for yourself! 

Will you be using the same colors? Different? Will this be for a nursery, or another corner of your house? Let me know in the comments below - and be sure to tag @vidamamacita to show me your amazing DIY skills!