Try On Haul: Target's Totally New, & Totally 90's Junior Line

Wild Fable Target's New Junior Line Campaign

"Free" AC

Today, I decided the girl's and I would take solace in our local Target from the scorching heat - and our adorable, yet air-conditionless bungalow.

There is never a time when my almost three year-old Stella will decline a trip to Target. It may - or may not be, her most favorite place in the world ! (And mine also . . ) As soon as those automatic sliding doors open, and I'm greeted with an icy blast of AC - I grab those handy cart wipe sanitizer's, get Stella situated in her ruby red throne on wheels - and dart for some icy caffeine. . After placing that awkward, yet totally genius cart cup holder on - we are off to the races. 

At this time, Lola is usually latched on discreetly nursing while in her carrier - all the while Stella and I are fully submerged in hunt mode . . Her for whatever toy she recently saw on youtube (trying to wean her from this!)  - and me, whatever catches my eye (spoiler alert , everything at Target catches my eye!)

But today, we actually had an agenda - and it was to purchase curtains! Yet on our way to get what we actually went to Target for - was a 90's explosion that I could NOT ignore.

At first I saw color blocked cropped polo shirt's . . Than jumpsuits, than floral shirt dresses, than wall's upon wall's of high waisted denim . . Where was I?! I felt like I just walked into a time warp, and immediately wanted to listen to the Spice Girls (on repeat!).

I thought I probably was out of the loop on some sort of big deal collaboration, but a sale's associate informed me that this was not a collab, but an entirely new line. . !

Wild Fable Target's 90's inspired junior line with floral print shirt dresses

Generation, Old

After the initial shock that I am now apart of a generation where my decade is now considered vintage to the new and upcoming generations (wow, is this how my Mom felt about skinny jeans and crop tops?!) . . I scanned the racks, and picked my favorites!

Since I was wearing Lola - I couldn't try anything on. Yet, saved the fun for an Instagram story try on - where I shared my true first look, and first impression (Don't miss the fun, follow me here! )

Wild Fable Target's New Edgy 90's Inspired Junior Line Try On First Impression Haul

Shop My Fave's

If you missed it this time, no worries - just add me to Instagram, and click on the  "Try On" Highlight to catch all the fun. 

If you did catch it, and are here because you must buy some of these pieces for yourself - I linked it all below. Just click on the image, and it will take you directly to purchase that product (yasss!)

PSS - A LOT of you were wondering where I got the lace biker short's from, and you won't believe it - but F21 has the exact pair online RN! RUN don't walk - these are a total must. Snag them here

Wild Fable Target's New Edgy 90's Inspired Junior Line with Floral Printed Shirt Dresses and Studded Denim

Your Fave?

Seriously curious about what you think of this new line! I'm very surprised by how fashion forward it is for such a large chain, but totally get the demographic they are enticing (hello F21, Target's knocking on your yellow door!)  . . What piece would you try? Are you a 90's baby like me? Let's talk in the comments!

UPDATE: I kept one of the dresses I was on the fence about, and wore it this past weekend! See how I styled it here

Mom Style: A Flattering Wrap Dress + Postpartum Weight-loss

Streetstyle of Girl Wearing UO Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress and white converse chuck Taylors

Blame it on Hormones

When I first launched this blog, earlier this year - I had just given birth to my second daughter Lola, and did NOT think I would be sharing "street style" outfit type post's . . As at that time, and still  - months later , I'm FAR from my goal bod. 

Not only am I heavier than I would like to be, but I am also a completely different shape! Granted, growing and birthing healthy babies is a miracle - and I would gladly do it all over again . . . but, the postpartum struggle is REAL!

Hormones are responsible for much of our physical appearance - and the amount a women's changes; before, during, and after pregnancy - is astonishing . Everything from hair growth, skin clarity/texture, and of course - weight, is affected by these hormones.  

"They" say it takes up to a year to fully recover after giving birth - and I totally agree .  . Yet life moves so quickly, and we have places to go , and things to see . . So finding pieces like this linen wrap dress that make you feel good, in the NOW - are so important!

Mother and daughter sitting on steps underneath a large tree in Encinitas California
Mother and daughter sitting on steps underneath a large tree in Encinitas California

Some Math

I tend to gain a lot during pregnancy, and gained between 60-70lbs with both Stella and Lola's pregnancies. I'll let that sink in for a minute . . . . yes, 30lbs shy from a whopping 100lbs! 

Thankfully, I've had uncomplicated pregnancies - with no blood pressure, or glucose issues - and my Dr has never suggested reason to be concerned with the weight gain. I assume the majority of it is water related - because at my final weigh in I was super duper pregnant at 40+ weeks (I've gone over with both girls).

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty . .
Goal weight: 115 (I'm about 5'4)
Pre Pregnancy weight: 120-125
Current Weight(4 months PP) : 136

I'm not mad at 136, It's not horrible considering the only thing implemented so far has been intermittent fasting, which to be honest - I haven't been been 100% consistent with.  . Yet the scale is definetely stuck, and despite exclusively breastfeeding - it doesn't seem like these last 16lbs are going to "melt" away.

Streetstyle of Girl Wearing UO Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress and white converse chuck Taylors

Less Talk, More Action

I'm at the point where I know I have to put in that sweat equity, and be proactive in getting my bod back. Right now I'm focusing on merely loosing the weight gained during pregnancy, but I eventually would like to get to my goal weight.

Lately I've been feeling very lightheaded, and off balance - so before I can start a work out routine, I have to take care of this. I've already gone to my naturopath - and had multiple vials of blood drawn, and I'm hoping it is just a vitamin deficiency and nothing sinister. I seriously love naturopathic medicine, and plan to do an entire post dedicated to the exact test's I got done, and why!

So until I figure out the above, I'm just going to be as consistent as I can with intermittent fasting - and to try my best to get out of the house and go for a walk with the girls.  

Streetstyle of Girl Wearing UO Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress and white converse chuck Taylors
Streetstyle of Girl Wearing UO Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress and white converse chuck Taylors and macrame purse

Comfort over everything

I seriously love this dress, and even more so paired with converse. It look's like I put effort into my outfit, when in reality - I just threw it on! I'm sure this dress would look as equally cute with dainty sandals, or heels - but you know I'm all about comfort, and kinda have a thing for my white chucks (see here )

As with all my post's, you can click on the underlined words (see above) - which will link you to that product's page. Also, you can shop the images below - to which I will make a small commission.

Girl Sitting On Steps Wearing UO Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress a

Did you lose your pregnancy weight quickly? Did you rush to get back into the gym - or did you give yourself ample time to recuperate? Tell me in the comments!

Mom Style: Spring Wardrobe Refresh with Linen + Embroidered Denim

Girl wearing H&M Embroidered Denim Jacket and UO Structured Brim Felt Panama Hat infant of palm leaves

Spring Has Sprung

Although living in Southern California usually means perpetual sunshine, we have our own version of the four seasons - and this year, has been uncharacteristically chillier than normal. 

So when the sun came out, I took full advantage of the above 60F weather - and donned my favorite denim jacket (that just went on sale!), and some light weight linen. 

Linen LoVe

These linen blended drawstring pants are a must for your spring wardrobe. They can be dressed up for a boozy brunch with heeled sandals, or down for a farmer's market stroll with flats - all the while maintaining an overall effortless look. The top I got a few seasons back from Zara, and is also a linen blend. . Lot's of people steer clear of linen because of the lived in look the natural fibre creates (read: lot's of wrinkles!), but the wrinkled lived in look is in - so embrace it! 

I've included some of my current linen Spring favorites below. Simply click on the item's photo, and it will take you to it's website to purchase. 

Girl standing infant of white wall wearing striped linen top, H&M denim jacket and UO Structured Brim Felt Panama Hat

Trending: Embroidered Denim

I'm a sucker for embroidery! It's so nostalgic - and always seems to come back in style when the weather warm's up. It's such a fun juxtapose to otherwise rugged denim, and the pops of colors within the classically floral embroidered design's - make for endless accessorizing options.

My jacket is currently on sale at H&M, so run - don't walk (or click quickly here! ) 

Embroidery is also a super easy way to update old pieces you already have in your closet. There are lot's of places to purchase cute iron on patches, giving you creative control (which I love!). Yet, if you are short on time, and need instant gratification (also me!) - I've included some affordable embroidered pieces to add to your spring rotation below. . If you are feeling extra fancy, keep scrolling below to see some drool worthy embroidered pieces from (with hefty price tags!). 

Girl standing infant of white wall wearing striped linen top, H&M embroidered denim jacket and UO Structured Brim Felt Panama Hat

Again, this piece was an inexpensive fun purchase from H&M (which is even less expensive, and now on SALE!) - but there are some lust worthy embroidered denim from the likes of Gucci, to Moshino, and other's high end brand's for your viewing pleasure included below (as always, click on the image to be taken to it's product page)

Girl standing infant of white wall wearing striped linen top, embroidered H&M denim jacket and UO Structured Brim Felt Panama Hat

What's Your Spring Style?

Is the weather warming up where you live? What are you the most excited about adding to your Spring wardrobe? Will you be adding any embroidered denim, or linen? Tell me in the comments!

Mom Style: The Diaper Bag - What's in Mine , and Why

Milleniall Mom looking in her Fawn Design Diaper Bag Backpack

Bag lady

 I feel like I've been shlepping stuff around with me, my entire life!
 From the schoolyard knapsacks loaded with back breaking heavy textbooks - to the oversized high-school totes, filled with non uniform clothes, and ALL the make-up I'd pile on throughout the day. . Oh man! I've always had a lot of stuff, that I just couldn't seem to leave home without. 

So naturally, I was always THAT girl who probably had something when you most needed it.
Gum? A Snack? Nail File? Scarf? If you could think it, I could probably dig it out.

Flash forward to now, and I'm still the girl saving the day with my miscellaneous treasure trove. Yet those once friends in need, are now replaced by a forever hungry toddler - and a perpetually drooling infant.

There isn't a a trip out of the house, that doesn't involve me constantly reaching into my bag of tricks, looking for something to keep Stella from having a melt-down, or frantically digging for a clean spare outfit,  post an epic diaper blowout courtesy of Lola.

In those moment's the last thing I want to deal with is unorganized chaos - so I make sure to keep everything in it's place, ready for easy access. It's all about quality over quantity - and having multi functional pieces.

Keep reading below to see exactly what I keep in mine.  

Fawn Design Diaper Bag Backpack in flowers

Not Your Mama's Diaper Bag

I love this bag for many reasons. One, it's a backpack - so I can have my hand's free to tend to the girls. Two, it's faux leather inside & out - meaning the entire surface is wipeable. Three, it's very spacious. Four, it's stylish - and doesnt look like a diaper bag.  

The side pockets are my favorite, because I can access my phone & hand sanitizer, without taking it off my back .

Flat Lay of Fawn Design Diaper Bag with Newborn Essentials

Packing Light

If I'm gong out for a few hours, or running some errands - this is typically what my bag looks like. I also use this diaper bag as my purse. So considering this serves Lola + Stella, and I - we definitely are on the minimalistic end of the spectrum.

Streetstyle fashion of a millenial mama wearing yellow Zara motto jacket, dwell & slumber dress, brixton hat, and fawn design backpack

. . Psssssst !

Did you know that I post my exact item's throughout all of my post's? If you click one of the image below, it will take you to buy that specific product - and I will make a (very)small commission if you purchase. . Happy Shopping!

Flat lay of newborn diaper bag essentials

My "Never Leave Home Without" Newborn Essentials

The most import thing in my diaper bag, is of course - diapers! Which I try to have a constant healthy stack of.  Also, wipes - which I can never have enough of! Seriously, those 'to-go' wipe container's don't fit nearly as much as I need - so the whole package goes with! The third most important, a spare outfit (or two) ! Blow out's (and spit up) are going to happen - and it will be everywhere! A spare outfit has saved both Lola & Stella from rockin a diaper after soiling their outfit's completely. Also, a light weight blanket can serve many purposes; nursing cover, car seat cover, place to lay baby, or a back-up outfit incase all your other's get ruined. . lol!

Shop these newborn essentials in Amazon below, by clicking on the linkable images

of a millenial mama wearing yellow Zara motto jacket, dwell & slumber dress, brixton hat, and fawn design backpack
Mama & toddler diaper bag essentials

Mama & Toddler Essentials 

Now, I will say toddler's require much less than a newborn. Mainly, I just have to make sure to have a constant supply of snacks and refreshment's on hand for Stella. I really love this bento box I scored from Amazon. It came with another one (pastel pink) - and they are leakproof.  Of course, I always have to have lots of hand sanitizer - because, toddler's love touching germy things. Other miscellaneous item's ; Sip canteen (keeps my tea warm!), hand salve, wallet, sunglasses, lip balm, and an extra t-shirt - because, spit up!

Shop these items with the Amazon linkable images below

Flat Lay of Fawn Design Diaper Bag with Diaper Bag Essentials

Are you a minimalist, or a hoarder?

 What is your must have item that you carry in your diaper bag - or purse? Do you always seem to need something you don't have? Or can you not find anything you need - because you have way too much stuff in your bag?

Let's talk in the comments!