Try On Haul: Target's Totally New, & Totally 90's Junior Line

Wild Fable Target's New Junior Line Campaign

"Free" AC

Today, I decided the girl's and I would take solace in our local Target from the scorching heat - and our adorable, yet air-conditionless bungalow.

There is never a time when my almost three year-old Stella will decline a trip to Target. It may - or may not be, her most favorite place in the world ! (And mine also . . ) As soon as those automatic sliding doors open, and I'm greeted with an icy blast of AC - I grab those handy cart wipe sanitizer's, get Stella situated in her ruby red throne on wheels - and dart for some icy caffeine. . After placing that awkward, yet totally genius cart cup holder on - we are off to the races. 

At this time, Lola is usually latched on discreetly nursing while in her carrier - all the while Stella and I are fully submerged in hunt mode . . Her for whatever toy she recently saw on youtube (trying to wean her from this!)  - and me, whatever catches my eye (spoiler alert , everything at Target catches my eye!)

But today, we actually had an agenda - and it was to purchase curtains! Yet on our way to get what we actually went to Target for - was a 90's explosion that I could NOT ignore.

At first I saw color blocked cropped polo shirt's . . Than jumpsuits, than floral shirt dresses, than wall's upon wall's of high waisted denim . . Where was I?! I felt like I just walked into a time warp, and immediately wanted to listen to the Spice Girls (on repeat!).

I thought I probably was out of the loop on some sort of big deal collaboration, but a sale's associate informed me that this was not a collab, but an entirely new line. . !

Wild Fable Target's 90's inspired junior line with floral print shirt dresses

Generation, Old

After the initial shock that I am now apart of a generation where my decade is now considered vintage to the new and upcoming generations (wow, is this how my Mom felt about skinny jeans and crop tops?!) . . I scanned the racks, and picked my favorites!

Since I was wearing Lola - I couldn't try anything on. Yet, saved the fun for an Instagram story try on - where I shared my true first look, and first impression (Don't miss the fun, follow me here! )

Wild Fable Target's New Edgy 90's Inspired Junior Line Try On First Impression Haul

Shop My Fave's

If you missed it this time, no worries - just add me to Instagram, and click on the  "Try On" Highlight to catch all the fun. 

If you did catch it, and are here because you must buy some of these pieces for yourself - I linked it all below. Just click on the image, and it will take you directly to purchase that product (yasss!)

PSS - A LOT of you were wondering where I got the lace biker short's from, and you won't believe it - but F21 has the exact pair online RN! RUN don't walk - these are a total must. Snag them here

Wild Fable Target's New Edgy 90's Inspired Junior Line with Floral Printed Shirt Dresses and Studded Denim

Your Fave?

Seriously curious about what you think of this new line! I'm very surprised by how fashion forward it is for such a large chain, but totally get the demographic they are enticing (hello F21, Target's knocking on your yellow door!)  . . What piece would you try? Are you a 90's baby like me? Let's talk in the comments!

UPDATE: I kept one of the dresses I was on the fence about, and wore it this past weekend! See how I styled it here