Lola's Nursery Reveal : A Boho Neutral Space, with Bunny Accents

Boho Nursery With Papasan Chair

Finally, a look at Lola's nursery!
 This was our spare room, and it took a lot of convincing my husband to let me make this a nursery - to which Lola will probably never actually sleep in (we co-sleep) . . Sorry out of town friends & family, this room is now used to house all the belongings of a tiny human who requires absolutely zero things and space . . . Yes practicality wise, not very practical . . Now you see why this room took a lot of finessing to get off the ground! Lol

Yet despite the above, I was a women on a mission to carve out a space for this little person I was cooking. You see, I'm convinced I can get a sense of their personality in-utero, and creating a nursery for both my girl's has been the very first celebration of their uniqueness. 

While I was pregnant with Stella, I was attracted to bold colors + eclectic prints + Mexican artwork. . and flamingos! Perhaps it was because of her August due date, but the vibe I was drawn to was completely different than this time around with my December baby.

As this time around, I wanted to create a very calming space.
I achieved this with a warm neutral color palette, simple furniture with natural finishes, and bunnies! Why all the little bunny accents? I really couldn't explain it if I tried! I was just drawn to them - much like I was drawn to the flamingo's with Stella!

I'm really happy about this space, and how it turnt out.
You instantly feel relaxed, and like curling up and reading a book in the (insanely) comfortable papasan chair. . I love how the room is finished, yet still kind of a blank canvas that can be easily altered with pops of color + texture as Lola grows.

I've included a master list a the bottom of this post - with links to furniture + decor! If you see something you like that I didn't link - please leave me a comment, and I'd be happy to share! 

Tadpoles Bassinet Rocker in Boho Nursery.jpg
Ikea Ekby Shelf In Nursery with Bunny Boho Decor.jpg

Another Ikea score, these shelves. They are the Ekby Osten + Ekby Valter combination. . The only problem with these shelves, is that they beg to be adorned with tiny cute things! Shop the shelf in Amazon below. 

Boho Nursery Accordion Rack.jpg
Bunny In Moses Bassinet
Natural Gender Neutral Boho Nursery.jpg

This sheepskin rug from Costco is seriously the softest space! It's perfect for tummy time, and playing beneath a little gym - it's very padded, and temperature regulating. Also - it was only $99 , walk don't run . . actually they have it for sale online, score! 

Ikea Bekvam Spice Rack As Shelves In Boho Nursery

These shelves are such an insanely inexpensive, and perfect addition to a nursery to display all the tiny things! They are Ikea Bekvam spice racks that you can score for an insane $3.99 ! Simply flip them upside down to create a rod to hang all those sweet newborn outfit and accessories. 

Terracotta Succulents And Himalayan Salt Lamp In Boho Nursery
Ikea Fladis Basket In Boho Nursery.jpg
Papasan Chair in Boho Gender Neutral Nursery.jpg

I despise the majority of chairs designed specifically for nursery's , and the one's I like carry hefty price tags. . I wanted something comfortable, versatile, and big enough for Lola + Stella and I to snuggle in. . I also have always wanted a papasan chair, and this was the perfect excuse! I wanted the double papasan, but it was too large for this space (I'm hoping to add one to our sitting room)

Changing Pad and DIY Tassel Boho Mobile.jpg

Not to toot my own horn, but I am really impressed with this DIY mobil. . It truly came about so organically out of things I already had at home, and it just went perfectly with the space - and actually is one of the focal points of the room. I plan to post this DIY very shortly, and will link it here when I do!

Gender Neutral Boho Nursery with Ikea Tarva Chest.jpg

Product List

Furniture & Rugs (Click the number to shop)

1.Ikea Tarva 6-Drawer Chest
2. Papasan Chair Frame in Natural
3. Papasan Cushion in Shaggy Sand
4. Papasan Stool in Natural
5. Papasan Stool Cushion in Fuzzy Sant
6. Copper Round Mirror
7. Sheepskin Rug in Ivory
8. Moroccan Trellis Rug in Grey


Decor & Accents (Click the number to shop)
1. DIY Tassel Mobile (DIY coming Soon!)
2. Pink Carpet Throw Pillow
3. Ikea Fladis Baskets
4.Ikea Ekby Osten/Ekby Valter Shelves
5.Ikea Bekvam Spice Racks
6.Painting (Vintage score)
7. Geo Throw pillow

Photos: Mattie Taylor