The Count is On: Baby # 2 On the Way!

Secrets Are the Worst

 Especially when they are happy secret's you can't wait to share with friends & family! Thankfully, the wait is over - and we can finally spill the beans, about our newest addition, to be arriving December 2017!!

I feel like I have so much to overshare, about the first trimester! The nausea, the insane cravings, and having a demanding toddler to care for, all the while! This pregnancy so far, has been very similar to Stella's. Which, of course would lead me to think another girl?

Nope! Not the case! As I've been saying since week 8, that I am 99.99% sure I am having a boy . . Note, I don't exactly have a great track record - as I was 99.99% wrong, when I said the same exact thing with Stella! 

I've just heard so many boy + girl Mom's declare how drastically different the pregnancies were for each sex. . So naturally, I start splitting hairs - trying to compare the finite details between this time, and the last - in my attempt to come up with a scientific equation . . 

I have approx; 6 - 8 weeks until I'll have a definitive answer, and will be reporting back here with the result's! (scroll to the bottom for updated gender reveal!)

Baby Girl Bassinet Bunny.jpg

Update: It's A Girl!!

Looks like I'm 99.999% wrong again! lol

I'm so elated to be expecting yet another girl - and can't help but visualize the endless princess tea parties the Banuelos residence will soon host. 

Thus far, this pregnancy has been very similar to Stella's - which probably should have clued me in to gender. I did have one day of horrible nausea - but other than that, it was the same tolerable amount like I experienced with Stella. . maybe even less! 

Anyways, super excited!

PS - Don't let me actually bet money on anything guys, because I'm clearly horrible at it . . even when it comes to my own uterus!