Palm Springs PT.II : Poolside Relaxation + Fails at #thatpinkdoor

Day Two, was spent enjoying our rental & the Palm Springs heat. We picked the optimal time to visit the desert, as March near the coast can be hit & miss for poolside weather - yet it was the perfect amount of high 80's, blue skies and sunshine for us to soak up on our mini vacay.


Taking It Easy

Isn't it amazing, when you sleep better in a bed that isn't yours? This is definetly a rarity! We all fully appreciated the cloud-like consistency our bed had, and spent the early morning snoozing away - while the sun drenched through the curtains, and the bird's chipped sweetly outside.

I am all about going out to breakfast, and brunching - but when your husband makes the best cheesy scrambled eggs ever, why bother brushing your teeth and getting dressed, when you can eat like a Queen in your pjs?! Also yes, I have the palate of a toddler. I could eat cheesy scrambled eggs everyday.

We bought groceries the day we got to Palm Springs, so had all the rations needed for the day. Ps, coffee always tastes better out of a French press - and I was so excited to see that our Airbnb had one! 

We are Keurig user's, so it may have taken us two time's to get the consistency right . . but caffeine is caffeine. 

Pool Side Vibes

Another positive to renting out a private getaway - is having your very own pool! 

Not having to shlep all of our poolside essentials from hotel room, to pool - and back, was a win.

We literally just opened the patio door, and the glistening turquoise water's greeted us.

Plus - poolside snacks can be pricy, and most often tasteless. .  So our grocery store haul from the day before, was the gift that kept on giving! Hummus + veggies pair perfectly with the hot sun.

Oh, and let's not forget the obvious - no stomach sucking in, or posture checking needed. . Hey, you could even skip your wax appointment if you felt so inclined - because privacy means, no one else around! 

Let it all hang out ! You're truly on vacay.


Pool Side Essentials

It isn't a true getaway, until you buy something from a tourist store that screams "I'm on Vacay!" . . That's exactly what this straw visor represented. Wanting to live permanently in a topknot poolside, yet not wanting to sacrifice protecting my super fair skin - it's like this hat all of the answers. 

Other essentials included
- Sunscreen
-Coconut Water

This organic Badger sunscreen is my favorite for Stella, as it's free of fragrance and nasties. It's downside's are that it can be messy, and is thick. Also - it will stain whatever fabric it get's into contact with , so be careful! Oh, and you have to be admanant about reapplying . . but all of that said, it sure beats the chemically laden alternatives!

Even though I was covering my head with my amazing hat, I still wanted some sun protection. I have sensitive, acne prone skin so this SPF 30 that uses clear zinc oxide instead of the classic white thick stuff - and it's fragrance & oil free!


After lounging around for the afternoon snacking - and eating lunch at our all too homey Airbnb, we decided to change out of our swimwear, brave the desert heat - and check out some of Palm Springs most instagramy places. .

Stop # 1,  #thatpinkdoor



Fails at #thatpinkdoor

Cute outfit, check. Camera settings perfect, check. Toddler in tow, check. . Just as I was about to ask Jame's to "get low" , to make me look tall and skinny and live my instagram bucket list dreams - that infamous pink door swung open behind me. . .

To which, a highly annoyed man appeared. 

He said "I've had enough", and asked us to leave. 

I was completely, and utterly mortified! 

We had to have been there less than 1 minute - as these are the only photos we captured. 

I remember reading testimonials, of people claiming that it's 'totally kosher' - and that the owner's don't mind. Heck - I've seen full on photos shoots at the pink door posted online. 

I guess we were the straw that broke the camel's back? 

Coachella is only weeks away, and I foresee a  plethora of people journeying to this instagram famous place, for their very own pink door photo . . 

Maybe it's time for a fresh coat of paint ?


With a slightly bruised ego in toe, we scooped up Stella and headed to the next must-see Palm Springs local . . The very colorful, and hip Saguaro !




The Saguaro, Palm Springs

This instagramy boutique hotel was exactly as pictured! Colorful, trendy - and catering to a crowd that likes to drink & enjoy the desert heat.

 I wouldn't label this hotel as "family friendly" , as it's geared toward's young 20 something's - and kind of oozes a perpetual "spring break" vibe . Yet, it was cool to check out - and take some photos. Also - It has a decently rated Mexican restaurant called El Jefe attached to it, so you can soak up all those poolside margarita's with your favorite styled street taco.

I coud see this being a great Vegas alternative, perfect for a young Bachelorette party - or a girl's boozy getaway weekend. 


Fail #2 , Date night attempt

We had big plans of going out for dinner this night, yet once we got back to our air-conditioned cozy bungalow - we decided to forgo the ivory, for paper plates - and resorted to take-out.

Thankfully, there was a highly rated Greek (& Pizza!) restaurant nearby - which I found with my ultimate travel companion: Yelp. . It did not disappoint! Delicious Gyro's - dare I even say, maybe the best I've had . . Definitely give Nina's a try when in Palm Springs, but don't even think about asking for Rice . . they don't have any, and will look at you strangely for thinking they do , lol .

All in all - We had a great time, and look forward to going back!

Next time we will definitely stay longer than 48 hours, and will definitely NOT be going to #tatpinkdoor! 

Have you ever been to Palm Springs before? What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments!