48 Hours In Palm Springs PT.I : Making Ourselves At Home

A Much Needed Adventure . .

I've lived in Southern California for 7 years, and for that entire duration - have been meaning to get my butt to Palm Springs. . ! We've been itching as a family to getaway, yet with life & busy schedule's haven't managed to for over a year. To be honest, we haven't had a major getaway since having Stella - and even still, the furthest Jame's & I have travelled together was a road trip to his home town in Santa Cruz. .  So, It's safe to say - we are due for some adventure!

To be honest, I love mini vacations. They don't require much planning - and if they are the bonus of being a mini vacay + a short distance road trip, a small chunk of free time is all you need! This is exactly how our '48 hour's in Palm Spring's ' trip was born . Jame's had a few free day's, the weather was bearable,  we found an awesome Airbnb - and most importantly ; we were going to beat the Coachella rush (that was to flood desert within the next few weeks). 

When in Palm Springs, wear pink . 

As soon as our adorable little bungalow was confirmed, I began pulling the most flamboyant and colorful dresses out of Stella's closet - because, Palm Springs! Looking back, I'm not sure where exactly I though we would be showcasing all these dud's, but more is more - and options are always welcome!

After packing up all of our pool accessories, sunscreen, and colorful attire - we were ready to hit the open road! Before putting the sprinter into drive, the husband so sweetly asked me "Do you want the windy way, or the not so windy way" ? .  He know's me too well. I get motion sickness very easily, so the boring no so windy way - was my choice! The drive from the San Diego coast was pretty mundane, until we got closer to Palm Springs - and drove through miles of wind turbines ( I would have taken picture's, but Stella was of course having a melt down at that very moment)

Our Digs

Yay us, for scoring big time on our very first Airbnb stay! Although Palm Spring's has plenty of resort-style hotel's, the appeal of having our own private space, was huge. 

The bungalow we chose, was new to the site - and we even snagged a "grand opening" special. It was tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood - yet a close drive to everything. 

The house itself was very clean, and bright. It had a minimalist design, with modern touches. The perfect retreat from the scorching Palm Springs sunshine.

Having our own kitchen was a major plus - as having to lug a toddler out to every meal, or trying to strategically pack those impossibly small mini fridges with snacks - was a feat I'd rather avoid. . A major plus, the kitchen came suppled with all the necessities to whip up something tasty. There were even spices, and cooking oils. . The owner's truly thought of everything!



Grocery Store Haul

Our Check in was 4, and we arrived slightly before than. There was a grocery store nearby, where we grabbed the perfect poolside snacks - and stocked our full size fridge.  .  On one hand, not having to cook or clean on vacation is a plus, yet eating every meal out is expensive - and somewhat cumbersome with a toddler. I loved being able to buy organic, and healthy & easy snacks for us - it truly made the stay that much more relaxing, and made the bungalow feel like our home away from home.

A Night in

We had no plan's this evening, other than relaxing at the house by the pool - and we stuck to that plan!

It truly is beautiful at night in the desert, especially in Spring. . As it's still warm at night (not super hot), and the sky is lit up on full display for your viewing pleasure!

We all slept peacefully, and had big tourist plans for day two!

(Look out for Part. II)