Nice to meet you.

I'm Krysten - Mother, Wife - and most recently, "Blogger".

Most days I can be found with a baby attached to my chest nursing, or chasing after a toddler (likely, at the same time).

I have a love for style, although you probably wouldn't be able to tell so much these days - as the only style I seem to have time for is located on the perimeter of the women's department at Target (while passing on my way to the diaper aisle) . . I kid, that's what Amazon Prime is for! Yes, not only a destination to buy batteries and ankle sock's - but full on fashion (and have it delivered in two days!) . . That totally sounded like a plug, but I promise I'm not sponsored by them . . Just very, very relient! Basically, Amazon Prime + Uber Eats + Instacart are like unspoken member's of the family. . Because life is moving at lightning speed, and who has time to shop ?  

These are the lesson's I'm leaning as millennial mama.

I live to create the best possible moments for my family. . from making our home a relaxing and safe retreat, to cooking healthily, to planning getaways. . It's all for them!

In a crazy, high paced world - we're just doing our best to slow down our tiny corner of it.