Mom Style: A Flattering Wrap Dress + Postpartum Weight-loss

Streetstyle of Girl Wearing UO Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress and white converse chuck Taylors

Blame it on Hormones

When I first launched this blog, earlier this year - I had just given birth to my second daughter Lola, and did NOT think I would be sharing "street style" outfit type post's . . As at that time, and still  - months later , I'm FAR from my goal bod. 

Not only am I heavier than I would like to be, but I am also a completely different shape! Granted, growing and birthing healthy babies is a miracle - and I would gladly do it all over again . . . but, the postpartum struggle is REAL!

Hormones are responsible for much of our physical appearance - and the amount a women's changes; before, during, and after pregnancy - is astonishing . Everything from hair growth, skin clarity/texture, and of course - weight, is affected by these hormones.  

"They" say it takes up to a year to fully recover after giving birth - and I totally agree .  . Yet life moves so quickly, and we have places to go , and things to see . . So finding pieces like this linen wrap dress that make you feel good, in the NOW - are so important!

Mother and daughter sitting on steps underneath a large tree in Encinitas California
Mother and daughter sitting on steps underneath a large tree in Encinitas California

Some Math

I tend to gain a lot during pregnancy, and gained between 60-70lbs with both Stella and Lola's pregnancies. I'll let that sink in for a minute . . . . yes, 30lbs shy from a whopping 100lbs! 

Thankfully, I've had uncomplicated pregnancies - with no blood pressure, or glucose issues - and my Dr has never suggested reason to be concerned with the weight gain. I assume the majority of it is water related - because at my final weigh in I was super duper pregnant at 40+ weeks (I've gone over with both girls).

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty . .
Goal weight: 115 (I'm about 5'4)
Pre Pregnancy weight: 120-125
Current Weight(4 months PP) : 136

I'm not mad at 136, It's not horrible considering the only thing implemented so far has been intermittent fasting, which to be honest - I haven't been been 100% consistent with.  . Yet the scale is definetely stuck, and despite exclusively breastfeeding - it doesn't seem like these last 16lbs are going to "melt" away.

Streetstyle of Girl Wearing UO Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress and white converse chuck Taylors

Less Talk, More Action

I'm at the point where I know I have to put in that sweat equity, and be proactive in getting my bod back. Right now I'm focusing on merely loosing the weight gained during pregnancy, but I eventually would like to get to my goal weight.

Lately I've been feeling very lightheaded, and off balance - so before I can start a work out routine, I have to take care of this. I've already gone to my naturopath - and had multiple vials of blood drawn, and I'm hoping it is just a vitamin deficiency and nothing sinister. I seriously love naturopathic medicine, and plan to do an entire post dedicated to the exact test's I got done, and why!

So until I figure out the above, I'm just going to be as consistent as I can with intermittent fasting - and to try my best to get out of the house and go for a walk with the girls.  

Streetstyle of Girl Wearing UO Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress and white converse chuck Taylors
Streetstyle of Girl Wearing UO Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress and white converse chuck Taylors and macrame purse

Comfort over everything

I seriously love this dress, and even more so paired with converse. It look's like I put effort into my outfit, when in reality - I just threw it on! I'm sure this dress would look as equally cute with dainty sandals, or heels - but you know I'm all about comfort, and kinda have a thing for my white chucks (see here )

As with all my post's, you can click on the underlined words (see above) - which will link you to that product's page. Also, you can shop the images below - to which I will make a small commission.

Girl Sitting On Steps Wearing UO Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress a

Did you lose your pregnancy weight quickly? Did you rush to get back into the gym - or did you give yourself ample time to recuperate? Tell me in the comments!

Weekend Fun: Eating French Fries for Breakfast On the Oceanside Pier

Girl with blonde hair holding classic chocolate milkshake from Ruby's at the Oceanside Pier

Forever A Tourist

If you follow me along on instagram, I recently confessed to never traveling outside of North America. Despite desperately wanting to travel abroad - the "right time" just never presented itself to me. . While my friend's were backpacking in Europe - I was juggling multiple part time job's , planning my big move from Toronto, Canada - to California.  Now that I'm here, I still feel like such a tourist! Despite having lived here for nearly 8 years (wow, time flies!) - I'm still a small town Canadian girl who is endlessly enamored by the 365 days of sunshine, swaying palm trees, and all that makes California such an iconic state. 

Therefore, my absolute favorite thing to do on the weekend's , is to get out of the house - pretend I'm a tourist, and sight see! There is seriously SO much to see in San Diego. My parent's have visited more time's that I can count, and they still have yet to experience all that San Diego has to offer. . So word to the wise, if you are planning a trip here, plan one for longer than you expect.  As San Diego County is a huge area, stretching miles up the coast - and inland.

This post will be part of on ongoing series, dedicated to all the fun things to see, do, and eat in San Diego!  

Photo of Oceanside pier on foggy morning

Oceanside Pier

Oceanside is a laid back gem, at the very most north point of San Diego county. It is bordered by Camp Pendleton, which is a vast and empty piece of land used by the marine's for training purposes. It has a beatnik, eclectic beach vibe - and up until recently, time had stood still for this small coastal city.

The main attraction, is most definitely the pier - which happens to be one of the longest (1,942 ft) wooden piers on the west coast!

Not only is the pier a fun place to take a leisurely stroll down, but perched at the very end of it, is a classic diner equipped with all the decadent classics to replenish those calories you just burnt off! 

Classic Chocolate Milkshake with whipped cream and cherry from Ruby's at the Oceanside Pier

Calories Don't Count on the Weekend

We buy organic, avoid dairy, eat lot's of veggies, and eat mainly vegetarian  - during the week. So when we go out on the weekend's, we break all the rules!  

We like good food - and sometimes good food, isn't good for you. Rather than guilt myself for it, I try to limit the weekend binging to one meal - and eat light the rest of the day. Quite honestly, since intermittent fasting - I've noticed a huge decrease in my appetite. It's not something that is constantly on my mind like before. I try to eat the majority of my carbs for lunch, and have been loving breakfast bowls (recipe coming!). 

Moral of the story, let loose! You can get back to whatever regiment you follow on Monday! Get out to your local eateries, and indulge in some tasty food! Life is all about balance - and finding yours!

Full disclaimer, I bought that milkshake solely as a prop - as Stella can't have dairy (read more about that here ), and neither can I (especially while nursing Lola, as she's become extremely fussy anytime I've ate even a little). . I just couldn't miss the opportunity to have the full on diner shot! PS - I asked if they had a dairy free version, but it was. a laughable no!

French fries, pancakes, and milkshakes for breakfast at Ruby's at the Oceanside Pier

French Fries For Breakfast

This was fully my idea, signed off with an approving shreik of joy by my toddler! Judge me! 

Toddler girl laughing in classic diner in Oceanside California at Ruby's at the pier
a stack of pancakes from ruby's on the oceanside pier in California
Waitress balancing food at Ruby's on the Pier in Oceanside California

An Ode to a Bygone Era

Part of the appeal of Ruby's - is their purist approach to the 1940's style diner seen in everything from the red vinyl booths - to the waitresses and waiters dressed in classic dress, and aprons. . I'm all about small details, and appreciate the dose of nostalgia!

White and red classic diner interior with wood beam ceilings at ruby's on the pier in Oceanside California
Young family laughing and smiling in classic diner rubys on the pier in oceanside California

Our little circus

Yep, having two littles under 3 is a lot! Especially toting them around on these weekend adventures. But I'm all for the chaos if it makes for sunshine filled, happy memories. 

Foggy capture of the beach, taken from the pier in oceanside California
Dad wearing brotherhood walking with his stylish toddler daughter down the foggy pier in oceanside California

Walking Those Carbs Off

Remember when I said this was one of the longest wooden piers? Thank goodness, because you just ate like a hormonal teenager - and now you can burn some of that off (just ignore the smell of funnel cakes once you get to the boardwalk!)

Dad lifting toddler daughter's sunglasses so she can see through the binoculars at the pier in Oceanside California
Foggy capture of surfer's in the lineup, taken from the pier in oceanside California
Dad lifting toddler daughter so she can see through the binoculars at the pier in Oceanside California

Peep the Scene

A few quarter's is all it takes to have telescope vision to check out all the action at the beach!

Foggy capture of surfer's in the lineup, taken from the pier in oceanside California
Old car cruising the beach in Oceanside California on a foggy weekend morning

Weekend Warriors

What do your weekend's look like? Do you like to catch up on laundry & cleaning? Do you binge watch Netflix? Do you get out and adventure? Let me know! Also - give me some ideas of somewhere you'd like me to visit in San Diego next!

Recipe: A Peanut Butter + Banana Smoothie, with Major Plant Based Protein

Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie Smoothie

Our Journey to Becoming Dairy Free

For the past year (and some change), we've gone from restricting dairy - to completely eliminating it, to eventually landing somewhere inbetween.

Confession, my entire life I have been a lover of all things dairy. . A cold glass of milk was heavenly, a piece of aged cheddar - divine! This all took a sudden turn, when Stella started having  issues with her bowel movements. I decided to forgo the pediatrician, and head to my naturopath to decipher what was causing my than 18 month old, painful hard stools. . To my surprise, I was than tested for food sensitivities (apparently our immune system are underdeveloped before the age of two, and what showed as a sensitivity in me - would correlate to her, as I was also nursing her at the time)

Low and behold, my test results showed what I kind of secretly sensed . . Dairy, on all front's - with the highest level of sensitivity marked next to it. . Gah! It's like the rug was ripped from under me, and all of sudden all of my favorite food's were off limit's. . Yet, if cutting out this once loved food group could help my poor little toddler - who was having such painful bowel movements, that it was causing fear & the early stages of withholding . . I was game!

Fast forward to months of me gradually eliminating, to eventually cutting it out completely - and Stella was having regular, soft bowel movements - with no dietary supplements, or medicine needed. 

Since Stella's digestive system improved, we've become a little less strict with the dairy eliminating. At one point, I was reading ingredients on everything - and if a cracker had dairy listed in the ingredients, I didn't buy it . . Now, she can eat muffins - or baked good's that contain some dairy (not often) - but she can't have straight up dairy like ice cream, butter, yogurt,  or milk. . we tested this out, and her poor tummy just doesn't know how to digest it. 

This smoothie was actually inspired by our old dairy filled favorite, that we would drive to Carlsbad village solely for (it was that good!). 

Not only did I nail the taste, and swap out the dairy - but added some extra health boosting ingredients to make this a truly satisfying smoothie filled with lot's of plant based protein. 

Banana & Peanut Butter Vegan Protein Smoothie
Ingredient Flat Lay for Vegan Protein Smoothie

The Plant Based Power House

Looking at the photo above, you would think that all that creamy white stuff came from a dairy cow - but it's all pure plant based protein!

This, coconut yogurt is delicious and tastes just like dairy yogurt. I use the vanilla flavored one - to add a bit of pizzaz to my smoothies. 

My milk of choice, is my must-have dairy free item . . Ripple milk! Seriously you guys, they nailed it with this one. I can eat a bowl of cereal again, without pretending to like it - because It really tastes like milk . . I can't explain it. You just have to try it for yourself! Ps - it is made with peas, and therefore has lot's of protein (8g per serving)

For extra plant based power - I added these chia seeds, which are loaded with fiber, protein, and omega's. I also added some of these hemp seeds, for even more of a protein and omega 3's punch. . How much you use is up to you ! I used about a 2 Tbsp of each, but probably should put more since there is about 3 servings in this smoothie. 

Ingredients For Vegan Protein Smoothie in Vitamix Blender

tips to make this delicious everytime

I never use to follow recipe's when making smoothies - and would frequently end up wth some, not- so stellar results. So the last time I nailed this smoothie, I decided to finally write it down - so that I could not only share with you all, but have it yummy always!

Tips I've learnt to make this smoothie super delicious:
1. Frozen bananas yield the creamiest, iciest results! I've tried using ripe banana with ice, and it was watery - and not the creamy thick consistent you get with frozen bananas. . So buy lot's of banana's, and freeze them into chunks once they are over ripe. 

2. Agave nectar, just a little bit - really brings out the flavor or everything. I try not to use it, but when I really want to make this delicious - it's a must. 

3. High quality peanut butter can really add a lot of depth to this smoothie. In this recipe I used this peanut butter, which is great because it's organic - and powdered (so blend's easily) - but I just recently discovered the most amazing coconut peanut butter from our local Leucadia Farmer's market - and have been using that instead. 

Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie Smoothie
print recipe
Vegan Peanut Butter & Banana Protein Smoothie
This is a creamy, filling smoothie - perfect for post work out, or as a breakfast meal replacement , or even as a yummy snack! All ingredients are plant based.
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Yogurt
  • 1/2 Cup Peanut Butter
  • 1 1/2 - 2 Cups Dairy Free Milk
  • 1 Cup Frozen Bananas
  • 1-2 Tbsp Agave
  • 2 Tbsp Chia Seeds
  • 2 Tbsp Hemp Seeds
Add all ingredients according to your blender's manufacturer instructions (Usually liquid first, than frozen, than dry ingredients) - Blend until smooth. Serve immediately.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 3 Servings
Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie Smoothie
Toddler Girl Drinking Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie Smoothie

Toddler Approved

Stella thankfully loves smoothies - or as she so sweetly refers to them "moobies" . She will occasionally request me to make her one, and this is usually the one she wants. Even better, if it's later in the day and we are craving something sweet - I'll add coco powder. Yummy!

Toddler Girl Drinking Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie Smoothie

Will you be trying this?

I'm so nosy! I want to know when you try it, and what you thought about it! Anything you'd add - or eliminate? Also - let me know if you've have tried Ripple milk yet, and if you agree that it tastes just like milk (in cereal) . . It's seriously all I ever talk about. Lol

Mom Style: Spring Wardrobe Refresh with Linen + Embroidered Denim

Girl wearing H&M Embroidered Denim Jacket and UO Structured Brim Felt Panama Hat infant of palm leaves

Spring Has Sprung

Although living in Southern California usually means perpetual sunshine, we have our own version of the four seasons - and this year, has been uncharacteristically chillier than normal. 

So when the sun came out, I took full advantage of the above 60F weather - and donned my favorite denim jacket (that just went on sale!), and some light weight linen. 

Linen LoVe

These linen blended drawstring pants are a must for your spring wardrobe. They can be dressed up for a boozy brunch with heeled sandals, or down for a farmer's market stroll with flats - all the while maintaining an overall effortless look. The top I got a few seasons back from Zara, and is also a linen blend. . Lot's of people steer clear of linen because of the lived in look the natural fibre creates (read: lot's of wrinkles!), but the wrinkled lived in look is in - so embrace it! 

I've included some of my current linen Spring favorites below. Simply click on the item's photo, and it will take you to it's website to purchase. 

Girl standing infant of white wall wearing striped linen top, H&M denim jacket and UO Structured Brim Felt Panama Hat

Trending: Embroidered Denim

I'm a sucker for embroidery! It's so nostalgic - and always seems to come back in style when the weather warm's up. It's such a fun juxtapose to otherwise rugged denim, and the pops of colors within the classically floral embroidered design's - make for endless accessorizing options.

My jacket is currently on sale at H&M, so run - don't walk (or click quickly here! ) 

Embroidery is also a super easy way to update old pieces you already have in your closet. There are lot's of places to purchase cute iron on patches, giving you creative control (which I love!). Yet, if you are short on time, and need instant gratification (also me!) - I've included some affordable embroidered pieces to add to your spring rotation below. . If you are feeling extra fancy, keep scrolling below to see some drool worthy embroidered pieces from (with hefty price tags!). 

Girl standing infant of white wall wearing striped linen top, H&M embroidered denim jacket and UO Structured Brim Felt Panama Hat

Again, this piece was an inexpensive fun purchase from H&M (which is even less expensive, and now on SALE!) - but there are some lust worthy embroidered denim from the likes of Gucci, to Moshino, and other's high end brand's for your viewing pleasure included below (as always, click on the image to be taken to it's product page)

Girl standing infant of white wall wearing striped linen top, embroidered H&M denim jacket and UO Structured Brim Felt Panama Hat

What's Your Spring Style?

Is the weather warming up where you live? What are you the most excited about adding to your Spring wardrobe? Will you be adding any embroidered denim, or linen? Tell me in the comments!